Temporary Hire

Royale Temporary Hire Solution delivers a qualified workforce when you need them; whether you are opening a new department, starting a new initiative, or adjusting to demands. Through our comprehensive recruitment process and large pool of candidates we are able to deliver the talent your organization needs in a timely manner.  We work closely with our clients to have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives and successfully match our associates with your needs.    

Temp / Perm Hire

Royale Temp-Perm Hire Solution brings you access to top of the line candidates; giving you the flexibility to evaluate the candidate’s skill set and assess their performance in action.  Experience-based hiring allows you to see the candidate’s development, productivity, capabilities, communication, and interaction with your team.  After your evaluation, successful performers that fit into your company’s culture transition into a permanent position.

Permanent Hire

Royale’s Permanent Hire Solutions give you access to first rate, fully screened and competent candidates at any level in selected industries. Royale adds value and productivity to your organization by reducing your operational costs associated with recruiting, interviewing, and training.  Our client-focus approach allows us to deliver specific staffing requirements to meet your company’s goals.