Royale Staffing Company 

We provide leading workforce solutions that enable our clients to grow and lead their respective industry. Serving both large and small organizations we recruit carefully selected candidates ensuring prosperity within your business.  We align ourselves with our clients' culture and coordinate the placement of talent to maximize your resources.  We add value to organizations by reducing operational costs, while providing dependable professionals and exceptional service.  Our long-lasting client base is a direct result of our commitment to integrity, dedication to excellence, and high-level of performance.



Our values guide our company’s direction continually providing quality and dependable workforce solutions to our clients, while creating lasting relationships.

1. Passion to innovate, improve and move forward, all to meet our clients' goals.

2. Teamwork to direct our people toward a common goal and enable our clients to lead in their respective industry.

3. Commitment to attracting the best talent, bringing a competitive edge to our clients


Royale Staffing enriches peoples’ lives with meaningful employment while simultaneously increasing their marketability within their respective field. Through talent recruitment and retention, and training provided by a highly-trained and dedicated management team, we provide individuals with the tools necessary to thrive in their profession, and the opportunity to achieve their professional goals and personal success.