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Recruiting carefully selected candidates to ensure prosperity within your business



Royale Staffing Company provides leading workforce solutions that enable our clients to grow and lead their respective industry.  Royale serves both large and small organizations, recruiting carefully selected candidates to ensure prosperity within your business.  We align ourselves with our clients' culture and coordinate the placement of talent to maximize your resources.  We add value to organizations by reducing operational costs, while providing dependable professionals and exceptional service.  Our long-lasting client base is a direct result of our commitment to integrity, dedication to excellence, and high-level of performance.




Accounting & Finance

Royale Staffing attracts and recruits the best in the Finance and Accounting industry. Our recruiters work closely with our clients to create solutions in a variety of positions from entry-level Payroll Associate to Financial Analysts to Director of Finance, all in order to take our clients to the next level. Whether you're looking for Temp, Temp to Hire, or Permanent Hire solutions, partner with us.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Royale sources the diligent workforce your organization needs to manufacture and deliver your products and services on time, every time. Whether you're looking for a General Office Clerk or an Account Representative, our recruitment team works closely with your company to create customized staffing solutions to add value and streamline your operations. We understand that in today’s high performance manufacturing and logistics environment, it is essential to have the right team. Partner with us whether you are looking for Temp, Temp to Hire or Permanent workforce solutions.

Real Estate

Our seasoned recruitment team utilizes their depth of knowledge in the real estate industry to provide the best-in-class service employees for your organization. Our hands-on recruitment team works closely with developers, private equity firms, commercial and residential management companies among others, to deliver comprehensive results that produce the perfect match for the position and culture of your organization.

Hospitality, Retail & Customer Service

Royale Staffing brings the finer points of hospitality and impeccable service to your organization through our extensive talent pool of qualified candidates. We specialize in recruiting seasoned professionals who are dedicated to their field to provide you with the assets needed to not only improve your operation, but also to outshine the competition in your respective industry. Whether you're in need of front or back-of-the-house staff, our recruitment team is ready and eager to provide Temp, Temp to Hire, or Permanent Hire solutions that best match your company's needs.


Information Technology

Royale Staffing delivers the most knowledgeable IT professionals to maintain your systems and enable you to achieve your company's goals faster and more efficiently. In the Information Technology field, it is essential to stay ahead in the latest trends. Using our vast pool of talented and qualified candidates, we provide you with the professionals who will give your company that competitive edge needed to stand out amongst your competitors.

Administrative & Office

At the backbone of every successful business is a team of dedicated administrative and office staff. Our recruitment team works hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver customized solutions, we offer you talent that best matches your company's culture and values. We understand that forming a competent team is essential to stay ahead in the industry, so whether you are looking for a Customer Service Representative or Executive Assistant, let us help you create a perfect team.

Creative, Marketing & Media

Through years of experience within the industry, Royale Staffing has developed the professional network necessary to provide clients with the most qualified creative talent. Offering a selection of experienced editors, graphic artists, and everything in between, we are here to handle all of your staffing needs. Whether you are looking to bring in talent for a new product, or need to put a spin on an existing product of service.